Haunted Skeptic Podcast #3 – Conspiracies

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Haunted Skeptic Podcast #3 – Conspiracies Our latest guest Ronald Farnham was first featured on Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert two weeks ago for his decision to go on a pilgrimage to Mount Shasta ahead of impending September 23rd doomsday scenarios. Ronald and… Continue Reading


Haunted Skeptic Podcast Episode 2: Memories

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Some years ago, a poll showed that 84 % of psychologists agreed with the statement “everything we learn is permanently stored in the mind, although sometimes particular details are not accessible.” The 16% who thought otherwise were in fact correct.… Continue Reading


Black Hole Research: Did Hawking Actually Say That We Could Travel Between Universes? (TRANSCRIPT)

Stephen Hawking speaks at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden

- Could we really travel through a black hole and re-emerge in another Universe? – What did Hawking actually say, and where are we in current research? Haunted Skeptic investigates. In a conference at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, famed… Continue Reading


Haunted Skeptic Exclusive: The Ganzfeld Horror Experiment


Trick of the Mind: Modified Ganzfeld Experiment Reveals Horror Lurking In Scumbag Brain I was alone, well-nourished and completely sober in a clear state of mind. I had waited all day for the evening to present an opportunity that only… Continue Reading